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Wade offers a history lesson and an explanation of the new War Dog Memorial at Chapman Elementary in Huntsville. Would you like Wade Franks to speak at your school? Contact us.

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Response From Chapman Elementary in Huntsville

Wade and Gail:

What an outstanding program you gave on Thursday, November 16 at Chapman Elementary! My students were so excited afterwards that they immediately began searching for pennies while we found a container to start the Patriot Pennies collection. By Friday morning, the jar was full and another much larger jar is being used beginning this week. I have been amazed by this positive reaction and will approach the other classrooms as soon as I coordinate with our principal, Dr. Hargett, and we establish an organization plan for the Patriot Pennies.

It is obvious you truly touched our student's hearts with the story of Little Joe. This result was much more than was ever dreamed. It appeared to elicit an overwhelming compassionate response and may have helped to encourage students to identify with a significant friend in their personal life. It seems students need reminders of the importance of appropriate friendships and to develop a compassionate spirit with the help of adult role models.

Thank you for agreeing to bring the story of Little Joe to us. We look forward to actively contributing to the War Dog Memorial in Mobile so the heroic deeds of Veterans and War Dogs will be remembered for generations.